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Re-imaging the real estate industry’s role to renew, refresh and transform neighborhoods and communities.

In-town neighborhoods have seen significant change over the last several decades. In many areas, communities fell apart years ago and today the real estate industry is picking up the pieces as quickly as possible to turn as much profit as possible. New opportunities are rising to re-imagine the real estate industry for generations to come—developing the industry to focus on the value of families, neighbors and communities.

Jonathan Rich is a pioneer in reshaping the real estate industry to deliberately focus on creating homes for families in order to refresh neighborhoods and build stronger communities. Through realty, investment, renovation and construction, his company is changing the landscape of urban, in-town living in Atlanta, GA. The teams consists of in-town experts, committed to investing in relationships over revenue and people over profit. At JRich Atlanta, clients’ needs come first. They’d love to buy you a Dr. Pepper and talk more about your future in Atlanta!

That's what love does—it pursues blindly, unflinchingly and without end.

Bob Goff

Jonathan has been a long time friend. When we met over a decade ago he was a musician, working on his first album. Today he embodies rock ’n roll real estate! The transition was not easy nor overnight. In 2007 he jumped into the real estate business. He has impeccable timing. His first attempt at flipping a house flopped. But within weeks of having to move in, he and his young family fell in love with the community, culture and all of their new neighbors. Though the great recession lumbered on, Jonathan fought his way to becoming a real estate agent and investor focusing his efforts toward renewing the community where he is raising his family. Simply put, he believes that better homes (and stronger families) create a better world.

Never compromise. Quality tells customers, “If they care this much about the smallest details, then they must care deeply about me.”

Dale Partridge

Jonathan wants homeowners to see how their involvement in buying/selling their houses can actively support their community, and to seek out the leaders of the real estate industry that put relationships over revenue. Due to this evolution of client motivation, agents and developers are now trying to understand how to evolve their business as well. As agents and developers change their focus to a more holistic approach to residential real estate, they can work together in collaboration to develop stronger communities. Jonathan also desires for agents and developers to change their business practices in order to engage more directly in philanthropic efforts locally and internationally. He is currently building philanthropy into his business practice on several fronts.

In the near future, Jonathan believes the real estate industry will realize the greatest economic rewards by investing in neighborhoods and renewing communities—to the benefit of all residents—through a stronger focus on helping families find home.

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Karston Tannis

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